“You’re never happy when you finish second, but after a difficult start of the year I’m a bit pleased to get a better result,” he said.
LOL. He’s a “bit pleased”? Maybe we just need to get this guy good and liquored up after the race and before the post race interviews. This is Kimi after winning the 2007 World Championship, doing his best impression of a robot.

This version of Kimi looks like a lot more fun!

“We came through in the end but we ran out of laps. We have to be happy with that after where we qualified, but we are looking for better results.”
Fair enough.

The Finn hailed Ferrari’s improvements, saying a “good” atmosphere within the team has resulted in a “big step” forward.

“I’m very happy with how the team is working after last year. Where we are now is a big step. The atmosphere is good now and we have a good direction to keep pushing”
It’s good to hear Kimi and the team are finally working well together. For the longest time, I┬ásuspected that Fernando Alonso was really getting preferential treatment and creating a caustic environment in the Ferrari garage.

“It seems to be working well – I’m sure as a team we will get there to fight for wins all the time but it will take a bit more time.”
For the Tifosi out there, I’m sure that top stop of the podium can’t come soon enough.