The Watch F1 Orlando 2017 Race Calendar - Hosted @ WhirlyDome

You’ll find all the dates and times on this page as the details become available. Brighthouse and DirectTV typically make it hard to find anything more than a couple week in advance, but we’ll do our best to get the times of replays or live races up here ASAP! Click the link to head to our Facebook and page for more details.
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2017 Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix

The 2016 season saw Azerbaijan become the latest addition to the Formula One calendar, with capital city Baku playing host to the fastest street circuit in Formula One racing, on a layout designed by renowned F1 track architect Hermann Tilke.

Love it or hate it, this track has got some pretty cool features that possibly only Monaco can beat. The massively long straight is going to favor those running low downforce, while the mid speed corners throughout the track will swing that back the other direction. Finding a balance will be the key!

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There are other F1 fanatics in Orlando! Now we have a place to organize! Check out our Facebook page to learn more and contact us through the site if you need any information!

The 2017 Formula One Canadian Grand Prix

The Canadian Grand Prix is easily one of my favorite races of the year. The track is considered a power circuit, which will likely suit the Ferrari and Mercedes powered cars this year. The track is no stranger to rain either, which always throws a wrench into the works! Then there’s the track varmints to contend with 🙂

Even More After The Race!

After the race is over, stick around and check out the Evotek F1 Simulator, powered by Assetto Corsa racing software. With a larger group we could pick up a few rounds of the surprisingly addicting WhirlyBall!

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