Join us for the Baku Grand Prix
June 25th @ 2 PM!

Watch F1 Racing With Orlando Fans!

Join us on Sundays for live or prerecorded races @ WhirlyDome on International Dr in Orlando FL! Check out the Events Page to find dates and times. If we can’t watch the races live, we’ll have a race replay starting sometime after our venue opens on Sunday morning.

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The Baku Grand Prix - Sunday June 25th @ 2pm!








Join us for The Baku Grand Prix - Orlando - WhirlyDome

Next Up - The 2017 Baku Grand Prix!

The 2016 season saw Azerbaijan become the latest addition to the Formula One calendar, with capital city Baku playing host to the fastest street circuit in Formula One racing, on a layout designed by renowned F1 track architect Hermann Tilke.

Love it or hate it, this track has got some pretty cool features that possibly only Monaco can beat. The massively long straight is going to favor those running low downforce, while the mid speed corners throughout the track will swing that back the other direction. Finding a balance will be the key!

WhirlyDome Location Information

WhirlyDome has been really good to our small group of F1 fans since they opened. Their location has a big screen projector,  great lunch and dinner menu, full bar, plenty of seating, and a staff that loves F1 fans! The icing on the cake is the EvoTek F1 Simulator! You couldn’t ask for a better venue!
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