Join us for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
November 26th @ 1:30PM!

Watch F1 Racing With Orlando Fans!

Join us on Sundays for live or prerecorded races @ WhirlyDome on International Dr in Orlando FL! Check out the Events Page to find dates and times. If we can’t watch the races live, we’ll have a race replay starting sometime after our venue opens on Sunday morning.

Join us for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix - November 26th @ 1:30PM!








Join us for 2017 The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix - Orlando - WhirlyDome

Next Up - The 2017 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

We’ll have the race replay starting at 1:30pm! Hope to see all out F1 fans there!

WhirlyDome Location Information

WhirlyDome has been really good to our small group of F1 fans since they opened. Their location has a big screen projector,  great lunch and dinner menu, full bar, plenty of seating, and a staff that loves F1 fans! The icing on the cake is the EvoTek F1 Simulator! You couldn’t ask for a better venue!
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